Day 7

Tazewell County Historical Society is a great resource for genealogical information and a great spot for reuniting with an old (I mean that ever so gingerly) high school classmate. I can say “old” since we are about the same age. I must say that time has been kind to Anthony and he looks fabulous. Besides that, he was most helpful in supplying information on my pioneer ancestor, David Ward. My 4th great grandfather settled the land known as THE COVE or Ward’s Cove. Mom and I took the day trip past Tazewell, down the Liberty Road, past Maiden Springs to the Cove. The area is absolutely beautiful, some of the most beautiful that I have ever seen, even on a rainy day.
Thanks for browsing the site and thanks for commenting. This is exactly what I want from the blog. Family history should be shared and I am glad to do that. Many have helped me along the way and I am grateful. Please contact me at

One thought on “Day 7

  1. I just found this site and am so glad I did. My sister and i have been researching the Buckland family at Falls Mills. We have a lot of information, but you have filled in some of the blanks. Anna Buckland Call

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