Old Wives Tale or Science?

On the recent visit to Virginia during early May, Buck brought Mom some young tomato plants which she was anxious to put in the ground right away. However she hesitated because during a phone conversation with her childhood friend, Mom learned from Viola that she should not plant anything until after May 18th.

Now I grew up in the mountains and I know that the much anticipated spring is often late showing up in Bluefield. We always abided by the Farmers Almanac which declared planting could proceed only after May 10th. (I think that is about the same time they can wear white shoes. you know?) Apparently, according to Viola, it thundered on a certain day in February, so therefore, it would frost on May 18th. Snickering to myself, I thought this old timer must put too much faith in the old wives tales and folklore.

TODAY, May 18th, my mother called to say, IT FROSTED.

Susan Perdue Buckland said…
It did frost on the 18th and the 19th. Covered my flowers and Ellis’s tomatoe plants the night before. Sometimes you have to listen to these “Ole timers”.

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