On This Day in 1885

124 Years Ago Today
May 21, 1885
My grand aunt, Ida E. (Davis) Blankenship, was one of twelve children born to Doctor Caleb and Nancy C. “Nannie” (Jessee) Davis in Russell County, VA. She married Patton Blankenship and they had five children.

  1. Samuel A. Davis
  2. Jefferson Bonaparte Davis
  3. Charles Henry “Keen Eye” Davis
  4. Mary A. Davis
  5. Sarah Ellen Davis
  6. Manerva Josephine “Josie” Davis
  7. Polly M. Davis
  8. David P. Davis
  9. Vance P. Davis
  10. Asa C. Davis (my grandfather)
  11. Ida E. Davis
  12. Nannie K. Davis


  1. Ruby Blankenship
  2. Roxie Blankenship
  3. Etta Mae Blankenship
  4. Gilmer Blankenship
  5. Claude Blankenship

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