On This Day in 1922

87 Years Ago Today
May 23, 1922 – May 10, 1995

My 1st cousin, 1x removed, Louise Davidson, was one of ten children born to Charles Lewis Davidson.

w/Lydia Hess

  1. Ada Davidson
  2. Lydia Davidson

w/Ella Louise Bealiles

  1. Charles Davidson
  2. Roberta Virginia “Bertie” Davidson
  3. Louise Davidson
  4. George Davidson
  5. Frances Davidson
  6. Carolyn Davidson
  7. John Davidson
  8. Roy Davidson

Sue, when you find some time, please send me the names of spouses and children with dates for Louise and siblings. Thanks and tell your Grandma Bertie that I said hello. sherrykelly@comcast.net

152 Years Ago Today
May 23, 1857-February 23, 1870

William B. Tabor, my great granduncle, only lived to be twelve years old. He was one of eight children born to James Harrison and Nancy Moore (Runyan)Tabor.

  1. Emily Tabor
  2. Sarah Jane Tabor (my great grandmother)
  3. Samuel G. Tabor
  4. George C. Tabor
  5. William B. Tabor
  6. Joseph Wade Tabor
  7. James Robert Tabor
  8. Meldora Tabor

I believe that this tombstone from Harry Cemetery, Falls Mills, VA belongs to Wm.

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