On This Day in 1854

155 Years Ago Today
June 1, 1854

Rachel Kiser married Noah S. Kiser. They had eleven children.

  1. Elbert S. Kiser
  2. Robert Boyd “Dick” Kiser
  3. Polly Ann Kiser
  4. Ephriam Kiser
  5. Joseph Cephas Kiser
  6. Thomas Hansford Kiser
  7. Martha Adela Kiser
  8. Alvin Ashbrook Kiser
  9. Andrew Jackson Kiser
  10. Noah Haynes “Toby” Kiser
  11. Rauseline Kiser

There are so many Rachel’s and Noah’s in our family history. If you notice that I have the wrong information or the wrong picture, please let me know sherrykelly@comcast.net

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