On This Day in 1861

148 Years Ago Today
June 3, 1861 – 1943

Sarah Sutherland, my great grand aunt, was one of eleven children born to Jesse and Mahala (Kiser) Sutherland. She married Abraham Kiser on November 14, 1876.

  1. Matilda Sutherland
  2. Phoebe Sutherland
  3. Mary Polly “Pop” Sutherland (my great grandmother)
  4. Emily Jane Sutherland
  5. Sarah Sallie Sutherland
  6. Alabama Sutherland
  7. Thomas A. Sutherland
  8. Margaret P. Sutherland
  9. Joseph Sutherland
  10. Samuel Peery Sutherland
  11. Daniel Sutherland

Thanks to Shirley Fields, another cousin, for this picture of Sarah.

114 Years Ago Today
June 3, 1895
My 3rd cousin, 3x removed, Catherine Florence Powers Jessee married John T. Bausell in Russell County, VA. She was one of nine children born to John Henry and Louvisa (Powers) Jessee. (b.8-1-1877 d.6-9-1955)

  1. Catherine F.P. Jessee
  2. Conley Trigg Jessee
  3. William Ellis Jessee (m. my great aunt Rose Brooks)
  4. Sarah Margaret Jessee
  5. Laura Della Jessee
  6. John Stanford Jessee
  7. Mary Alice Jessee
  8. Kent Jessee
  9. Taulbee Balford Jessee

Catherine Florence and John T. Bausell had three children

  1. Hattie Russell Bausell (m. Hobert Brooks)
  2. Sadie Bausell
  3. Hazel Bausell

Kathy, please correct me if I’m wrong on this or if you have more to add. sherrykelly@comcast.net

77 Years Ago Today
June 3, 1932-November 22, 1988
2nd cousin Tommy Allen Jessee, son of Ora Stanford and Martha Alice (Viers) Jessee.
76 Years Agos Today
June 3, 1933, Wilma Jean Huffman was born. She married Jack Lewis Blankenship.

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