On This Day in 1891

118 Years Ago Today
June 4, 1891

Joseph B. Brooks married Alverda “Verta” Kiser in Russell County. Joseph was one of thirteen chidren born to John Jeremiah and Elizabeth “Betty” (Hill) Brooks.

  1. Sarah Brooks
  2. Alfred Brooks
  3. Martin V. Brooks
  4. James K.P. Brooks
  5. Judith “Judy” Brooks
  6. John Brooks, Jr.
  7. Mary Elizabeth “Polly” Brooks
  8. Charles Brooks
  9. Solomon Lemuel “Sol” Brooks
  10. William M. “Bill” Brooks (my great grandfather)
  11. Rebecca Caroline Brooks
  12. Joseph B. Brooks (my great granduncle)
  13. Benjamin Brooks

Verta was one of three known children born to Fullen and Matilda (Sutherland) Kiser.

  1. Alverda “Verta” Kiser (my 6th cousin, 2x removed)
  2. Thomas Kiser
  3. Bessie Kiser

Joseph and Verta had seven children:

  1. Etta Cordelia Brooks
  2. Esther Lobelia Brooks
  3. Lottie Azen Brooks
  4. Bertha Elizabeth Brooks
  5. Thomas Starling Brooks
  6. Gay Nell Brooks
  7. Ruby Matilda Brooks

Many thanks to cousin Shirley Fields for pictures and family history.

135 Years Ago Today
June 4, 1874

John Davis, my great granduncle married Caroline Mitchell. John is one of fifteen children born to Thomas Jefferson and Sarah Ann (Combs) Davis. See earlier posts for siblings.

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