On This Day in 1782

227 Years Ago Today
June 6, 1782 – March 27, 1869

Joseph Kiser, Jr., my 3rd great grandfather, was one of three children that I know who were born to Joseph Kenton Keyser, Sr. and Susannah “Sukie” Stacey.

  1. Abednego Kiser
  2. Joseph Kiser
  3. Susannah Keyser

If anyone has corrections or additions, please let me know sherrykelly@comcast.net

Joseph, Jr. married Mary Polly Childers and they had twelve children:

  1. Warren Kiser
  2. Margaret Elizabeth Kiser
  3. James S. “Bell Clapper” Kiser
  4. Dicie Kiser
  5. Ephriam Mayfield Kiser
  6. Mary Polly Kiser
  7. Simeon Kiser, Sr.
  8. Joseph Kiser III
  9. Noah S. Kiser
  10. Abraham Kiser
  11. Mahala Kiser (my 2nd great grandmother)
  12. Matilda Kiser

170 Years Ago Today
June 6, 1839

Mary Rasnake(2nd cousin, 3x removed) was one of nine children born to Jonas and Rachel (Laforce) Rasnake.

  1. John M. Preston Rasnake
  2. Catherine Rasnake
  3. Elijah Laforce Rasnake
  4. James Harvey Rasnake
  5. Mary Rasnake
  6. Martha Rasnake
  7. Sarah Rasnake
  8. Noah Kernan Rasnake
  9. Henry Clay Rasnake

143 Years Ago Today
June 6, 1866

Aut Smith,(6th cousin, 2x removed) was one of nine children born to Jasper Newton and Mary Jane Taylor (Sutherland) Smith. Aut married Ida Belle Whitt.

  1. Jane “Jennie” Smith
  2. Dora Belle Smith
  3. Pherbe Russel Smith
  4. Rufus Smith
  5. Mary E. Smith
  6. Viola Smith
  7. Aut Smith
  8. Onan B. Smith
  9. James Farley Smith

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