On This Day in 1800

209 Years Ago Today
June 10, 1800

Nancy Sutherland (1780-1861) married Jonathan Yates in Botetourt County, VA. She was one of seven children born to James and Sarah (Buchanan) Sutherland. I only know of one son from Jonathan and Nancy – John Yates.

  1. Nancy Sutherland (my 3rd great grand aunt)
  2. Henry Sutherland
  3. Catherine Sutherland
  4. Daniel Sutherland (my 3rd great grandfather)
  5. Elizabeth Sutherland
  6. Sarah Sutherland
  7. Mary Polly Sutherland

Daniel Sutherland’s property and home in Russell County, VA.

Thank you Becky Chafin for all the genealogy and pictures
representing the countless hours of work you have done for
the Kisers and Sutherlands.

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