On This Day in 1802

207 Years Ago Today
June 18, 1802 – June 15, 1890

My 3rd great grandmother, Mary Polly Harman (Hezekiah, Henry, Sr., Adam Heinrich) was one of ten children born to Hezekiah and Mary Polly (Brown) Harman). She married Robert W. Davidson (Joseph, John Goolman, ?, John) son of Joseph and Matilda Amanda (Patton) Davidson on February 3, 1825. They had five children.

  1. Hezekiah “Kiah” Harman
  2. Mary Polly Harman
  3. Erastus Granger Harman
  4. Rhoda N. Harman
  5. Jane G. Harman
  6. Martha B. Harman
  7. William W. Harman
  8. Nancy Wilburn Harman
  9. Colonel Henry Brown Harman
  10. Elias George W. Harman


  1. Samuel Patton Davidson (my 2nd great grandfather)
  2. Erastus Granger Davidson
  3. Jane R. Davidson
  4. Rush Davidson
  5. John Preston Davidson

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