Happy Birthday Sarah

Happy, Happy, Happy Day!

Seems just a few short years ago that I received this cute school picture.
My how you have grown. Have a wonderful and blessed celebration.

90 Years Ago Today
June 22, 1919 – February 23, 1941
Charles Edward Buckland, Jr. was one of eight children born to Charles, Sr. and Elizabeth Burnett “lizzie” Hudgins in Tazewell County, VA.
  1. Louise Annie “John” Buckland
  2. William Clyde Buckland
  3. Joseph Kelser Buckland
  4. Una Blanche Buckland
  5. Maude Clara Buckland
  6. Clyde Curtis “Curt” Buckland
  7. Charles Edward Buckland, Jr. (my 2nd cousin, 1x removed)
  8. Hubert Buckland

Harry Cemetery, Falls Mills, VA

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