On This Day in 1857

152 Years Ago Today
June 24, 1857 – November 21, 1922 My great grandmother, Eliza Greever Gregory, was one of six children born to Daniel Parham and Mary Jane (Daugherty) Gregory in Tazewell County, VA.

  1. John K.L. Gregory (twin)
  2. Elizabeth Hollard Gregory (twin)
  3. Nancy Ward “Nannie” Gregory
  4. Eliza Greever Gregory
  5. Lewis (Louis) H. Gregory
  6. Not too sure – Lucy Gregory

Eliza married Erastus Granger Davidson on July 22, 1859 and they were parents to eight children.

  1. Charles Lewis Davison
  2. Mary Jane Davidson (my grandmother)
  3. Sallie Elizabeth Davidson
  4. Cosby Isabell Davidson
  5. Samuel Patton Davidson
  6. Luther Hefford Davidson
  7. Nannie Crockett Davidson
  8. Ella Finley (Findley) Davidson

This picture shows the family except for Ella, so it was taken between 1901 and 1903.

120 Years Ago Today
June 24, 1889

Melissa M. (Walker) married my 1st cousin, 3x removed, George Fulton Daugherty (David Allen, John L., John, John). George was 1st cousin to Eliza above. Her mother, Mary Jane Daugherty and his father, David Allen Daugherty were siblings.

One thought on “On This Day in 1857

  1. Love this!
    Melissa May Walker and George Fulton Daugherty are my Great Grandparents. My mother (she’s currently 84 years old) remembers them and has many good memories of both of them. Melissa May Daugherty actually died in my mother’s arms.

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