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On This Day in 1839

170 Years Ago Today
June 23, 1839 – July 1862

My 2nd great grand uncle, James Madison Gregory (John Keatts, William, John, Thomas III, Thomas II, Thomas, Richard) was one of fifteen children born to John Keatts and Elizabeth Holland (Corder) Gregory of Pittsylvania County, VA. James M. married Barbara Jane (Whitley) on December 24, 1857 in Tazewell County, VA. They had two daughters before his Civil War death in Texas.

  1. Daniel Parham Gregory (my 2nd great grandfather)
  2. Louis Corder Gregory
  3. William Lowery Gregory
  4. Perlina Ledford Gregory
  5. John Henry Gregory
  6. Permelia Clement Gregory
  7. Martha Tucker Gregory
  8. Mary Clay Gregory
  9. Richard Shadrack Gregory
  10. Nancy Reeves Gregory
  11. Elizabeth Holland Gregory
  12. Franklin Clemons Gregory
  13. James Madison Gregory
  14. Thompson Edward Gregory
  15. Doctor Clauton Gregory

Just this week I was contacted by a relative who supplied this information below. It details the Gregory’s trek west by wagon. Also one document shows the probate after James Madison Gregory’s death. Thank you so much for sharing this with us Cindy.

92 Years Ago Today
June 23, 1917 – February 4, 1921

My 2nd cousin, 2x removed, Claude Gregory, was one of three known children born to Lewis (Louis) F. and Alice Jane (Keesee) Gregory. He died at the age of 3 from measels and is buried at the Walnut Grove Cemetery in Bluefield, Mercer County, WV. I visited that cemetery in May 2009, but did not find his gravesite. There is a possibility that he is buried in the Kessee plot which includes some unmarked graves.

On This Day in 1822

187 Years Ago Today
June 22, 1822

Henry Kiser, was one of thirteen children born to Ephriam and Mary Polly (Sutherland) Kiser in Russell County, VA. My 1st cousins, 4x removed.

  1. Abednego Kiser
  2. John Kiser
  3. Henry Kiser
  4. Nimrod Kiser
  5. James Marshall “Buck Jim” Kiser
  6. Ephriam Kiser
  7. Elijah Kiser
  8. Elihu L. Kiser
  9. Jeptha Kiser
  10. Noah Kiser
  11. Daniel Sutherland Kiser
  12. Rachel Kiser
  13. Joseph Augustus Kiser


125 Years Ago Today
June 22, 1884

Mary Kiser, my 2nd cousin, 3x removed, married Robert Hamond.

Happy Birthday Sarah

Happy, Happy, Happy Day!

Seems just a few short years ago that I received this cute school picture.
My how you have grown. Have a wonderful and blessed celebration.

90 Years Ago Today
June 22, 1919 – February 23, 1941
Charles Edward Buckland, Jr. was one of eight children born to Charles, Sr. and Elizabeth Burnett “lizzie” Hudgins in Tazewell County, VA.
  1. Louise Annie “John” Buckland
  2. William Clyde Buckland
  3. Joseph Kelser Buckland
  4. Una Blanche Buckland
  5. Maude Clara Buckland
  6. Clyde Curtis “Curt” Buckland
  7. Charles Edward Buckland, Jr. (my 2nd cousin, 1x removed)
  8. Hubert Buckland

Harry Cemetery, Falls Mills, VA

On This Day in 1916

93 Years Ago Today
June 20, 1916

Elihu Debusk Kiser married Lillile Mae Stewart in Bristol, TN. Elihu, my 6th cousin, 2x removed, was one of ten children born to Rev. Lilburn Hendricks and Frances “Frankie” (Sutherland) Kiser.

  1. Elihu DeBusk Kiser b. September 16, 1894 in Wilder, VA d. March 03, 1962 in Russell Co VA. On June 20, 1916, Bristol, TN married Lillie Mae Stewart b. June 23, 1898 in Bell County, KY d. March 06, 1950 in Abington, VA
  2. Carrie Nelia Kiser b. June 27, 1879 in Russell Co VA d. February 27, 1968 in New Freedom, York County PA. On July 04, 1899, Russell Co VA married Ephriam Mexico Kiser b. April 4, 1858 in Cartertown, Russell Co VA d. November 25, 1942 in New Freedom, York County PA.
  3. Elijah Villid Kiser b. October 04, 1880 in Russell Co VA d. August 14, 1955 in Shrewsbury, York Co PA. On September 30, 1903, Russell Co VA married Rachel V Kiser b. May 24, 1877 in Russell Co VA d. July 30, 1949 in York Co PA.
  4. James Artrip Kiser b. July 18, 1882 in Russell County, VA d. May 24, 1960 in York Co PA married Elizabeth L ?.
  5. Mary Jane Kiser b. December 18, 1882 in Russell County, VA d. April 27, 1970. On June 21, 1899 married Thomas Greenbury Amburgey b. February 11, 1877 in Russell County, VA d. January 14, 1942.
  6. Archie Jackson Kiser b. June 10, 1883 in Russell County, VA d. March 27, 1967 in Glen Rock, York Co PA. On September 01, 1904 in Hazel, in Russell County, VA Hattie Felicia Kiser b. March 17, 1887 in Russell Co VA d. December 23, 1983 in York Co PA.
  7. Houston J Kiser b. March 03, 1885 in Hazel, Russell County, VA d. December 04, 1968 in Shrewsbury, York Co PA. On January 27, 1907, Hazel, Russell County, VA married Orpha Wolfe b. May 1886 d. January 01, 1970 in Shrewsbury, York Co PA.
  8. Philip W Kiser b. November 1889 in Russell County, VA d. between 1944 & 1955 married Elsie Walker.
  9. Fred Maynard Kiser b. January 04, 1890 in Russell County, VA d. October 21, 1962 in Los Angeles, CA married Sally ?.
  10. Delphia Mae Kiser b. May 05, 1898 in Russell County, VA d. June 19, 1944 in Russell County, VA. On October 24, 1917 married Baynard B Dotson b. May 15, 1893 d. January 07, 1964.

    Source: Colleen Sylvia

102 Years Ago Today
June 20, 1907

Emily V. Brooks, my grand aunt, married C. Phipps Sutherland. Aunt Em was one of 6 children born to William M. “Bill” and Mary Polly “Pops” (Sutherland) Brooks.

  1. Armalda Vernon “Malvie” Brooks
  2. Emory Luther Brooks
  3. Altha Rudolph Brooks (my grandmother)
  4. Emily V. Brooks
  5. Rose Belle Brooks
  6. Duard Brooks

Emily and Mr. Sutherland had three children; Lera, Marian and another daughter (if anyone knows her name or more children, please update me).
Emily is buried at Russell Memorial Cemetery in Lebanon, Russell County, VA.

On This Day in 1802

207 Years Ago Today
June 18, 1802 – June 15, 1890

My 3rd great grandmother, Mary Polly Harman (Hezekiah, Henry, Sr., Adam Heinrich) was one of ten children born to Hezekiah and Mary Polly (Brown) Harman). She married Robert W. Davidson (Joseph, John Goolman, ?, John) son of Joseph and Matilda Amanda (Patton) Davidson on February 3, 1825. They had five children.

  1. Hezekiah “Kiah” Harman
  2. Mary Polly Harman
  3. Erastus Granger Harman
  4. Rhoda N. Harman
  5. Jane G. Harman
  6. Martha B. Harman
  7. William W. Harman
  8. Nancy Wilburn Harman
  9. Colonel Henry Brown Harman
  10. Elias George W. Harman


  1. Samuel Patton Davidson (my 2nd great grandfather)
  2. Erastus Granger Davidson
  3. Jane R. Davidson
  4. Rush Davidson
  5. John Preston Davidson

On This Day in 1921

88 Years Ago Today
June 18, 1921 – May 10, 1981

Kyle Burns “Tutt” Brooks, Sr. was one of nine children born to Emory Luther and Sarah Margaret “Mag” (Jessee) Brooks in Russell County, VA. My 4th cousin, 2x removed and his siblings are:

  1. Guy Thurman Brooks
  2. Earl Agnus Brooks
  3. Kyle Burns “Tutt” Brooks
  4. Patty Jean Brooks
  5. Rose Brooks
  6. Lillian Brooks
  7. Louise Brooks
  8. Clovis “Toad” Brooks
  9. Mildred “Mid” Brooks

On This Day in 1912

97 Years Ago Today
June 17, 1912 – September 3, 1952

Woodrow Jessee was born in Cleveland, Russell County, VA to William Abner Smith and Nancy C. “Nannie” Jessee. Nannie was my great grandmother. Woodrow married a Miss Addison and died in Pulaski, Dublin, VA.