On This Day in 1872

108 Years Ago Today
July 4, 1872

My great grandparents, Doctor Caleb Davis (Caleb, Robert) and Nancy C. “Nannie” Jessee (Stanford Lea, Jefferson, John J. Jr., John, Henry, John, Henry, Richard, Richard, Peter)were married. They had twelve children.

  1. Samuel A. Davis
  2. Jefferson Bonaparte Davis
  3. Charles Henry Davis
  4. Mary A. Davis
  5. Sarah Ellen Davis
  6. Manerva Josephine Davis
  7. Polly M. Davis
  8. David P. Davis
  9. Vance P. Davis
  10. Asa C. Davis
  11. Ida E. Davis
  12. Nannie K. Davis

Nannie married her third husband, Joseph White, on that same day in 1901If anyone knows where Nannie or Doctor Caleb Davis are buried, please let me know.

120 Years Ago Today
July 4, 1899

Carrie Nelia Kiser, my 6th cousin, 2x removed, married Ephriam Mexico Kiser in Russell County, VA. See post on June 27th for their children.

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