On This Day in 1854

155 Years Ago Today
July 11, 1854 – October 23, 1937

Matilda Sutherland, my great grandaunt, was one of eleven children born to Jessee Sutherland and Mahala Kiser (posted July 10th). See previous posts in May and June for siblings. Matilda married Fullen Kiser, son of Jim and Susan Sutherland (posted July 10th) on December 2, 1873. I believe they were double first cousins. They had three children that I know:

  1. Alverda “Vertie” Kiser
  2. Thomas Kiser
  3. Bessie Kiser

109 Years Ago Today
July 11, 1900

Rufus Smith married Nora Alty Breeding. Rufus, my 6th cousin, 2x removed, was one of nine children born to Jasper Newton Smith and Martha Jane Taylor Sutherland.

  1. Jane “Jennie” Smith
  2. Dora Belle Smith
  3. Pherbe Russell Smith
  4. Rufus Smith
  5. Mary E. Smith
  6. Viola Smith
  7. Aut Smith
  8. Onan B. Smith
  9. James Farley Smith

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