On This Day in 1892

117 Years Ago Today
July 14, 1892

My great grandaunt, Lucy B. Davis, married James M. Castle (Cassell?), son of Scott Castle in Russell County, VA. I do not know of their children. Lucy was one of fifteen children born to Thomas Jefferson and Sarah Ann (Combs) Davis.

  1. Jessee Davis
  2. John Davis
  3. Doctor Caleb Davis (my great grandfather)
  4. Charles Henry Davis
  5. Elizabeth Ann Davis
  6. Hannah J. Davis
  7. Sarah Catharine Davis
  8. Martha E. Davis
  9. Thomas Jefferson Davis, Jr.
  10. James A. Davis
  11. Lucy B. Davis
  12. Hugh C. Davis
  13. Margart Davis
  14. Lydia Davis
  15. Virginia Jane “Jennie” Davis

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