On This Day in 1867

142 Years Ago Today
July 19, 1867 – August 12, 1954

Captain Greenlee Davidson Letcher was one of eleven children born to Governor John Letcher and Mary Susan (Holt)in Rockbridge County, VA.

  1. William Holt Letcher
  2. Samuel Houston Letcher
  3. Andrew Holt Letcher
  4. John Davidson Letcher
  5. Margaret Kinney Letcher
  6. Mary Davidson Letchr
  7. Virginia Lee Letcher
  8. Captian Greenlee Davidson Letcher (2nd cousin, 4x removed)
  9. Fannie Wilson Letcher
  10. Elizabeth Stuart Letcher
  11. Mary Susan Letcher

Captain Letcher married Katherine Seymour Paul on May 31, 1898 and they had 3 children:

  1. Greenlee D. Letcher
  2. John Letcher
  3. General John Seymour “Buzz” Letcher

Captian Letcher rests in the Stonewall Jackson Cemetery in Lexington, VA.

110 Years Ago Today
July 19, 1899 – May29, 1959

Lacy Clemons Gregory was one of five children born to William Benton Gregory and Elizabeth Ann Ruble.

  1. Callie Susie Gregory
  2. Lacy Clemons Gregory (2nd cousin, 2x removed)
  3. Barbara Virginia Gregory
  4. Cecil Lloyd Gregory
  5. George William Gregory

Lacy married Edith Lucille Peery and had seven children:

  1. Louise Gregory
  2. Pauline Elizabeth Gregory
  3. James William Gregory
  4. Norman Gregory
  5. Lacy Clemons Gregory, Jr.
  6. Jack Lee Gregory
  7. Thomas Edward Gregory

Lacy married a second time to Rhoda Alien Jewell and they had a daughter
Edith June Gregory. Edith married Homer Ray Patrick
68 Years Ago Today, July 19, 1941.
Edith was my 3rd cousin, 1x removed. They had one son and one daughter who are probably still living, so I will not post their information.

126 Years Ago Today
July 19, 1883

Robert Charles Walker was one of nine children born to Rev. John Randolph Walker and Mary Jane Brown. He and his siblings were my 2nd cousins, 2x removed.

  1. Alexander Philip Walker
  2. John Kahle Walker
  3. Marvin N. Walker
  4. Harriet Reaves Walker
  5. Robert Charles Walker
  6. Louise Laura Alice Walker
  7. Thomas Frank Fowler Walker
  8. Maybelle Stuart Walker
  9. Eleanor Stuart Walker

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