BUCKLAND Family Reunion MAY 8, 2010

PRINT a flyer and send or email to other relatives that I may have missed.

This partial list of Surnames contains our relatives and some close family friends – including, but not limited to: Allen, Baker, Bailey, Buckland, Compton, Davis, Daugherty, Davidson, Gregory, Harman, Houston, Lawrence, Letcher, McCroskey, McHaffa, Peery, Pratt, Shufflebarger, Tabor, Ward, Wickline, Wimmer… If you’re an outlaw, come along too.

Saturday, May 8th, 2010
11:00 AM

Graham City Park on 460
Near St. Clair’s Crossing, West of Bluefield, VA

• There is no charge for anything.
• Just bring two or three covered dishes and your own drinks
(no alcohol allowed at park)
• Bring a lawn chair if you like – Dress comfortably
• Bring something for show and tell!
• Bring your camera
• Bring a copy of a picture of your parents, even if you are an outlaw
• Let’s all get together for some tall tales and old, old, pictures
• Clara will bring paper supplies & napkins
• I’ll bring a genealogy chart beginning with L.W. & Mary Jane Buckland
• I’ll bring a laptop with family pictures – if you want copies, bring an 8GB or larger zip (flash) drive and I will copy them for you. No disks or printer.

If you don’t mind, drop me an email sherrykelly@comast.net or give me a call 850-386-5974 so I’ll know how many. If the turn-out is large enough, I’ll reserve another pavilion.

2 thoughts on “BUCKLAND Family Reunion MAY 8, 2010

  1. I hear from my family that the reunion was a resounding success and quite perfect. Seems this was the time when a lot of family was ready to reunite. Glad you listened to your heart and got this going on. Looking forward to seeing some pictures when you have a minute and get settled back in at home. Praying travel mercies for your journey home and hope you had an enlightening cemetery tour. Thanks for working hard on this project and sharing…

  2. I wish I could of been there, I do not know any o my Buckland family and wish I did I was just wondering if there is anyone out there that has heard of Octavia Elizabeth Buckland she married a William bragg in 1892 I do not have anymore information than that ! She is my great great grandma . From what I know of she did die at a young age but do not know from what since I can not find anything about her death . I would love to know how her parents were and where I came from if anyone had any information, I would be greatful my Email is ANNALA79@yahoo.com

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