The Brooks Girls

(1-r back row) Emily Jane Sutherland (November 9, 1959)
& Malvie Brooks Cook
(l-r front row) Rose Brooks Jessee (1880)
& Altha Brooks Davis (October 15, 1884)
I’m not certain, but the information that I have for this picture is Emily Sutherland. My genealogy information states that Emily (sister to Malvie, Rose and Altha) married a Johnson. This Emily is probably the younger sister of Mary Sutherland Brooks.
The three girls are daughters of William Brooks and Mary Sutherland. Two brothers were also born of this union, Emery or Emory and Deward. Mary Sutherland died right after the birth of her son Deward. Mom always said that she died of “child bed fever.” Does anyone have more information on this family?

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