Erastus Granger Davidson – Eliza Greever Gregory

Erastus Granger Davidson, b. Abt. January 25, 1852; d. February 13, 1924
m. Eliza Greever Gregory, January 20, 1880

Eliza was b. June 24, 1856 – d. November 22, 1922

i. Charles Lewis Davidson, born September 16, 1882; married
ii. Mary Jane Davidson, b. October 13, 1886 in Tazewell, Virginia;

d. October 20, 1960 in Bluefield, West Virginia buried Harry Cemetery;
m. Larkin Watson Buckland, Sr. March 3, 1909 in Tazewell County, Virginia
iii. Sallie Elizabeth Davidson, b. January 2, 1890; d. Bef. 1980;
m. Robert Johnson Wimmer
iv. Cosby Isabell Davidson, b. May 4, 1891; m. Stone
v. Samuel Patton Davidson, b. August 24, 1893
vi. Luther Hefford Davidson, b. December 12, 1898
vii. Nannie Crockett Davidson, b. March 6, 1900; m. Ezra McHaffa.
viii. Ella Findley Davidson, b. May 11, 1903; m. (1) Akers; m. (2) Bell.

One thought on “Erastus Granger Davidson – Eliza Greever Gregory

  1. my name is susan campbell, my great grandfather is charles lewis davidson. i was wondering if you can make a copy of the pictures of his family and the one with him standing on the wagon and send it to me by email or by mail i tried to make a copy and they come out to light to see. my email is , my mailing address is 151 painter ave, fall branch, tennessee 37656. i would also like to hear from you. thanks susan

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