I’ve always loved this house

I’ve always loved this house with its push button light switches, a dirt floored basement and octagonal tiles in the upstairs bathroom floor. I would take those loose tiles up and play with them like a puzzle. And the clawfoot bathtub was soooooo long. It seemed huge.

It is my understanding, correct me if I’m wrong, that this land came through an inheritance from James Harrison Tabor to his daughter Sarah Jane. She and her husband Jacob Alexander Buckland lived on the site in a log home with their children. About 1924, L. W. Buckland, Sr. built the house for an estimated $6.000. After his death in 1967, the property was sold to Bernard Wallace and then to Robert and Margaret Buckland who own and live in the home until this day (2008).

Note the second picture has a brick stairway turned to the sides instead of leading straight to the front and the road. Very nicely done I would say.

The picture of family includes the following that I can identify…
  • Grandmother and Granddaddy Buckland
  • Buddy & Lucille Buckland, Ellis Gail & Larry
  • Uncle Walter Lawrence, Aunt Bertha (that could be Jimmy above and Red?
  • Aunt Frankie Graham
  • Uncle Robert & Aunt Margaret, Cecil & Janice
  • Uncle Charles Buckland and I think that could be Charles Allen in front of him.
  • Upon closer look, I think I see Aunt Francis (Uncle Walter’s wife) and also Jessee Mchaffa.
…there are others but I don’t know who they are. Do you know?
Please correct me or tell me more sherrykelly@comcast.net and I’ll make additions:)
Lera Gail wrote: “The family gathering in fron of the Buckland house: Could the child on Mary Jane’s lap be Mary Ann Buckland? I do know know the three people between Uncle Robert’s head and Francis. I must have been about 8 years old at the time. Jimmy Lawrence is about 5 years older than I. He graduated from Graham in 1953. I think that is likely to be Charles Allen in front of Uncle Charles.”

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