Love those big family shots, but where are the smiles? Click on the picture for a closer look.

This photograph was taken July 23, 1916.

I’ll tell you who I know and make a guess at a couple. Front row third child could be Bertha, but I’m not certain. She was born 9-19-1911, so she would have been almost 5 when the picture was made…and to me it really looks like her.

I’m also not certain about the lady next, it could be Eliza Greever Gregory Davidson (Mary Jane Buckland’s mother).

Following are Sarah Jane Tabor and Jacob Alexander Buckland (Larkin Watson Buckland, Sr. parents). On her lap is L.W. Buckland, Jr. aka Buddy. The first little girl on his lap is Frankie. I don’t know who the other three kids are.

Back row 4th from left is Mary Jane Davidson Buckland, wife of Larkin Watson Buckland, Sr.

On the back of the picture is the name Juanita Buckland and on the front is a slight pen mark for the lady on the back row, right end.

What kind of car is in the background?

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