There’s no place like HOME

I have returned from my expedition to Southwest Virginia, or more directly, Tazewell, Russell and Washington Counties. My mother, Lucille Buckland (86), my brother Larry and I stretched the boundaries of our comfort zones to experience, not just one, but two family reunions within a week.

I now have so many pieces of paper and discs full of pictures, that it may take considerable time to survey it all, transcribe to my Family Tree Maker and post info on my blog. However, I have memories of a wonderful experience meeting real people. People who don’t pretend to be anybody except who they are. And that’s just the way I like it. Down to earth!

I even have some strange idea that I know those in the cemeteries a bit better than I did a month ago when I began this journey. Spending hours walking isles of silent but awesome graves in well manicured straight lines, climbing fences in the woods discovering sunken fieldstones with inscriptions barely legible, and taking pictures as if there was a face upon which to focus; these things move me closer yet to my mountain roots, and I am thankful.


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