Pictures from the Kiser-Sutherland Reunion August 2008

Lucille Davis Buckland (86) d/o Altha Brooks & Asa Davis
d/o Wm Brooks & Mary Sutherland
d/o Jesse & Mahalia Kiser Sutherland
Joe Kiser (90) s/o Loy & Iris Kiser
gs/o Abe Kiser & Sarah Sutherland
ggs/o Nimrod Kiser

Lucille & Clara Evans d/o Elsie Sutherland

Sherry Buckland Kelly & Clara Evans
Ruby Campbell – Lucille – Joe

Thank you Becky Chafin for all the hard work. I’m thrilled to meet you and all my other CUZINS! Why didn’t I get a picture with you and with Shirley? You girls are so much help.
My first visit to Cleveland was an experience. I’ll be back:)

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