Jessee Family Reunion

Here we are in Abingdon, VA
which, by the way, looks like an ideal spot to live. I’m serious when I say Abingdon is picture perfect and inviting me to take a closer look to at least renting a place for an extended visit.
We met some wonderful cuzins who take this family stuff quite to heart, as do I. I’ve never been to a place where they introduce themselves, not by their own name, but by their ancestor’s names.
I’m John Jessee’s 5th great granddaughter
through his and Frankie Lea’s son John, Jr.

They ask who you are,
and then immediately start dragging you around the room to meet your grandmother’s nephew’s brother’s cousin once removed…or something like that. What a blast!
We’ve all got a story to tell,
but boy did I hear stories….especially about Nannie Jessee, Davis, White, Elkins, Lowe, who is my mother’s grandmother and her namesake for Nannie Lucille Davis Buckland. Pauline has the scoop on her. If you’re lookin’ to get in the DAR, just put Pauline on the case:)
And don’t forget the BROOKS connection.
Kathy is a wealth of information, and I hope to share pictures with her very soon when I get them sorted out. Hank assured me that “if you meet a Davis, you are probably not related; if you meet a Jessee, you probably are”.
You folks who have never been to a reunion,
need to do it at least once.
What a trip!
I think we should plan one ourselves
in Tazewell County.
Whatcha say?

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