David Daugherty

I cannot prove that this couple in the photograph is the same
David A. Daugherty & Nannie L. Moore Daugherty that are
buried in Falls Mills at the abandoned cemetery.
However, I believe that it very well may be.
Like many early 20th century women,
Grandmother Buckland kept a personal scrap book filled
with closely trimmed newspaper clippings of friends and family.
Many engagement or wedding announcements
and obituaries are yellowed from the sticky glue mounting.
One such entry in this historical treasure is an
obituary for Rev. D. A. Daugherty.
The news of that day validates the markings
on the headstone and exclaims his family connection
as nephew to Virginia’s Civil War Governor John Letcher.
The governor’s mother was Elizabeth Davidson
d/o John Davidson (d. 1762).
Inscribed on the back of this picture in Grandmother’s handwriting,
Uncle David Daugherty and his wife. He was a brother to Mary
Jane (Daugherty) Gregory, my mother’s mother.

Governor John Letcher

Please contact me with any information
on the Davidson’s or Daugherty’s.


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