On This Day in 1866

(Thank you Janet Harless Peters for supplying this picture)

142 Years Ago Today

October 29, 1866 – January 7, 1917

William Benton Gregory was the 4th of 12 children born

to Franklin Clemons Gregory and Shelma Statira V. Shawver
near Shawvers Mill, Clear Fork, Tazewell County, VA.

  1. John C. Gregory
  2. Louisa Victoria Gregory
  3. Mary Claughton Gregory
  4. William Benton Gregory (1st cousin, 3 times removed)
  5. James M. Gregory
  6. Charles Edward Gregory
  7. Sarah Elizabeth Gregory
  8. Statiza Virginia Gregory
  9. George W. Gregory
  10. Minnie B. “Ninia” Gregory
  11. Baby Gregory
  12. Lewis F. Gregory

Does anyone have a picture of the old Shawver’s Mill?

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