On This Day in 1907

101 Years Ago Today

October 29, 1907, in Cleveland, Russell County, VA,
my aunt Ila Lillian Davis was the 3rd of 10 children born to
Asa C. Davis & Altha R. Brooks. Shown here on her mother’s lap.

Aunt Lillian had one of the warmest, prettiest smiles of any woman I have ever seen. She was always so kind to me, and I never saw her behave unpleasantly. In her failing years, Mom, Katie, Sarah and I visited her in a nursing home in Abingdon, VA. My Sarah has always been a pretty girl too, but through her alzhiemers, Aunt Lillian looked at Sarah and said, ” whose cute little boy is that?” At 11 years old, Sarah was highly insulted and big sister Katie still loves to tease her about that.

Although not appropriately dressed for the farm, Aunt Lillian and her husband Vince Jordan are standing in the chicken coup… and (below) with the cows and her son Gilmer. Who knew that polka dots were farm attire??????????

What was she thinking?

Ila Lillian Davis
October 29, 1907 – July 4, 2001
Mother of four – Unnamed Jordan, Gilmer, Altha Ann, Lacy Lee.

163 Years Ago Today (1845) Margaret Sutherland was born in Russell County, VA. She was my 1st cousin, 3 times removed.


165 Years Ago Today Patsy Kiser was born (1843)


119 Years Ago Today (1889) Sarah Margaret “Mag” Jessee was born.

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