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On This Day in 1919

90 Years Ago Today
January 23, 1919
Myrtle is shown on her father’s lap in this picture. (courtesy of Shirley Fields)

My 1st cousin, twice removed, Myrtle Brooks married Clinton Chaffin. Myrtle was one of 12 children born to Charles and Nancy Jane (Boyd) Brooks of Russell County, VA.

  1. Rufus Brooks
  2. Mary Katherine Brooks
  3. Martha Brooks
  4. Margaret Deporia Brooks
  5. Eula Bell Brooks
  6. Pracilla “Ziller” Caroline Brooks
  7. Rose Leear Brooks
  8. Zilla Lowbilly Brooks
  9. Charles Douglas Brooks
  10. Walter Duard Brooks
  11. Myrtle Brooks
  12. Arlie Brooks

On This Day in 1838

171 Years Ago Today
January 23, 1838
My 3rd great grand uncle, Giles Dougherty, married Mary Doak in Tazewell County, VA. Giles was born in Rockbridge County, VA. He was one of nine children born to John and Hannah (Letcher) Dougherty.

  1. John L. Dougherty
  2. William Houston Dougherty
  3. Clarinda Julia Dougherty
  4. Giles Dougherty
  5. James Thompson Dougherty
  6. Julia Ann “Julian” Dougherty
  7. Mary Ester Dougherty
  8. Mary Hannah Dougherty
  9. Sallie Houston

Giles and Mary “Polly” Doak had 10 children:

  1. John M. Dougherty
  2. James W. Dougherty
  3. Walter M. Dougherty
  4. Reace Dougherty
  5. Mary Dougherty
  6. E.I. Dougherty
  7. Bolivar Dougherty
  8. Andrew Jackson Dougherty
  9. Isaac F. Dougherty
  10. Charles William Dougherty

On This Day in 1854

155 Years Ago Today
January 21, 1854 – February 16, 1925
Nancy C. Jessee

Nancy Jessee Davis is shown here with her son Charles,
his wife Kate and Nannie’s daughter Mary.
This picture is courtesy of Marshall Jefferson Jessee.

My mother, Nannie Lucille (Davis) Buckland is named for her paternal grandmother. Nannie Jessee Davis’ last husband was ? Lowe from Cedar Bluff. I would like to know where she is buried, probably in Cedar Bluff, Tazewell County, VA. If anyone knows where, please contact me at

My great grandmother, Nancy C. “Nannie” Jessee was one of five children born to Stanford Lea Jessee and Sallie “Sarah” Fuller in Russell County, VA.

George Cowan Jessee
Nancy C. Jessee
Thomas Jefferson Jessee
Noah D. Kernan Jessee
John Henry Jessee

158 Years Ago Today
January 21, 1851 – March 9. 1906
Joshua P. Sutherland

150 Years Ago Today
January 21, 1859 – May 14, 1881
Mary Polly Deel Sutherland

Mary and Joshua were two of the 14 children born to Wm Sutherland and Sylvia Counts.
Wm and Sylvia are shown in this picture.

My 1st cousins, three times removed and their siblings:

  1. Wm. Floyd Sutherland
  2. Jasper Sutherland
  3. Newton Sutherland
  4. Elijah “Lige” Thurman Sutherland
  5. Joshua P. Sutherland
  6. Phoebe Sutherland
  7. Martha Taylor Sutherland
  8. Daniel Boone R. Sutherland
  9. Mary Polly Deel Sutherland
  10. Margaret Sutherland
  11. Unknown Sutherland
  12. George Washington Sutherland
  13. Unknown Sutherland
  14. Leander Sutherland
    143 Years Ago Today
    January 21, 1866
    Rachel Kiser, my 1st cousin, three times removed, was one of 10 children born to Abraham Kiser and Mary “Pop” Counts.
  15. Gideon Daniel Kiser
  16. Joseph Kiser
  17. Nancy Tennessee Kiser
  18. Martha Kiser
  19. Mary Kiser
  20. Elizabeth Kiser
  21. Joshua Kiser
  22. Abraham “Con” Kiser
  23. Leah Kiser
  24. Rachel Kiser
    103 Years Ago Today
    January 21, 1906 – August 29, 1985
    Maynard “Mink” Chesley Cook, my 1st cousin, once removed was born in Russell County, VA to Dock Emmett Cook and Armalda Vernon “Malvie” Brooks. He was one of 4 children:
  1. Ruth Cook
  2. Don Cook
  3. Maynard Chesley Cook
  4. Paul Hensley “Jack” Cook

123 Years Ago Today
January 21, 1886
Alabama Sutherland married my great granduncle Thomas Jefferson Davis, Jr. in Russell County.

On This Day in 1871

138 Years Ago Today
January 20, 1871, my 2nd cousin, three times removed, Henry Clay Rasnake married Nancy Kelly in Russell County, VA.
87 Years Ago Today
January 20, 1922 my 1st cousin, twice removed, Lottie Azen Brooks married Conly Clayton Buttry in Bristol. They had 5 children:

  1. Jerald Francis Buttry
  2. Virginia Allene Buttry
  3. Lois Jean Buttry
  4. Bobby Joe Buttry
  5. Dorothy Lou Buttry

On This Day in 1880

129 Years Ago Today
January 20, 1880
My great grandparents Erastus Granger Davidson and
Eliza Greever Gregory were married in Tazewell County, VA.

Tazewell County Courthouse documents the marriage record is as follows:
Volume 3, Page 54 – Line 9 – Date of Marriage 1-22-1880
Erastus Granger Davidson Age 26 yrs 11 mos 27 days single
Parents Sam’l P. Davidson and Vicey Allen, b. in Leavenworth County, KS
Eliza Greever Gregory Age 23 single b. in Tazewell County Parents Dan’l and M.J. Gregory
Married by S. W. Austin a minister of the gospel.

  1. Charles Lewis Davidson
  2. Mary Jane Davidson (my grandmother)
  3. Sallie Elizabeth Davidson
  4. Cosby Isabell Davidson
  5. Samuel Patton Davidson
  6. Luther Hefford Davidson
  7. Nannie Crockett Davidson
  8. Ella Findley Davidson

On This Day in 1872

137 Years Ago Today
January 19, 1872 – July 29, 1917
Nancy Jane Polly Buckland was born in Tazewell County to Jacob Alexander and Sarah Jane (Tabor) Buckland. My grand aunt was the oldest of 6 children and was buried at the Compton Cemetery in Falls Mills, VA.

  1. Nancy Jane Polly Buckland
  2. George Robert Buckland
  3. Cora Belle Buckland
  4. William Harrison Buckland
  5. Samuel Graham Buckland
  6. Larkin Watson Buckland (my grandfather)


104 Years Ago Today
January 19, 1905 – November 20, 1989
Cecil Lloyd Gregory, my 2nd cousin, twice removed, was born to William Benton Gregory and Elizabeth Ann “Bet” Ruble. He was one of five children.

  1. Callie Susie Gregory
  2. Lacy Clemons Gregory
  3. Barbara Virginia “Barb” Gregory
  4. Cecil Lloyd Gregory
  5. George William Gregory

On This Day in 1876

133 Years Ago Today
January 13, 1876 – June 20, 1945
Nannie Mae Daugherty was born in Graham (now Bluefield), Tazewell County, Virginia to David A. Daugherty and Nancy “Nannie” Lane Moore. My 1st cousin, three times removed, was the youngest of seven children. She was also the 2nd great granddaughter of Captain James Moore of Abbs Valley, Virginia who was massacared by Indians, along with most of his family in July 1786.

  1. Sarah Elizabeth “Sallie” Daugherty
  2. Harriet Letcher Daugherty
  3. Margaret W. Daugherty
  4. John William Daugherty
  5. George Fulton Daugherty
  6. Charles R. Daugherty
  7. Nannie Mae Daugherty

Nannie Mae married H.A. Green. I know that they had at least one child, Fred A. Green.

On This Day in 1800

209 Years Ago Today
January 11, 1800

My 4th great grandfather, John J. Jessee, Jr. married Mary “Polly” Armstrong in Orange County, NC. John was one of 15 children born to John Jessee and Frances Lea.

  1. George Lea Jessee
  2. Sarah Jessee
  3. James Jessee
  4. Bodicia “Dicy” Jessee
  5. Rebecca Jessee
  6. Jane Jessee
  7. Elizabeth Jessee
  8. Frances Jessee
  9. John J. Jessee, Jr.
  10. Archer Jessee
  11. Lee Jessee
  12. David Jessee
  13. Mary Jessee
  14. William Jessee
  15. Martin Jessee

John and Mary Armstrong had 6children:

  1. John Jessee
  2. Jefferson Jessee, my 3rd great grandfather
  3. Armstrong Jessee
  4. Joseph Jessee
  5. Archer Jessee
  6. Catherine Jessee

Happy Birthday Jimmy

150 Years Ago Today
January 10, 1859
Clarinda Doutherty married Moses Long in McMinn County, TN. Clarinda was my 3rd great grandaunt and one of 9 children born to Hannah Letcher and John Dougherty in Tazewell County, VA.

  1. Mary Hannah Dougherty
  2. William Houston Dougherty
  3. James Thompson Dougherty
  4. John L. Dougherty
  5. Clarinda Julia Dougherty
  6. Julia Ann Dougherty
  7. Giles Dougherty
  8. Mary Ester Dougherty
  9. Sallie Houston Dougherty


175 Years Ago Today
Elizabeth Gregory Whitley was born in Pittsylvania County, VA. She was my 2nd great grandaunt.

On This Day in 1851

158 Years Ago Today
January 8, 1851

Nancy Reeves Gregory married John Wesley Brown in Taylorsville, Johnson County, TN. Nancy was my 2nd great grandaunt and one of 15 children born to John Keatts Gregory and Elizabeth Holland Corder.

  1. Daniel Parham Gregory, my 2nd great grandfather
  2. Lewis Corder Gregory
  3. William Lowery Gregory
  4. Perlina Ledford Gregory
  5. John Henry Gregory
  6. Permelia Clement Gregory
  7. Martha Tucker Gregory
  8. Mary Clay Gregory
  9. Richard Shadrack Gregory
  10. Nancy Reeves Gregory
  11. Elizabeth H. Gregory
  12. Franklin Clemons Gregory
  13. James Madison Gregory
  14. Thompson Edward Gregory
  15. Doctor Clauton Gregory

Although these children were born in Pittsylvania County, VA, many of them lived and died in the Clear Fork area of Tazewell County, VA. Thank you Cousin Janet Peters for much of my Gregory genealogy.