On This Day in 1811

198 Years Ago Today
February 28, 1811
My 3rd great granduncle, Stephen Buckland, married Melinda Meadows in Monroe County, WV. Stephen was one of ten children born to John Buckland and Susanna Stephenson.

  1. Thomas Buckland
  2. John Buckland
  3. Rachel Buckland
  4. Elizabeth “Betsy” Buckland
  5. Stephen Buckland
  6. Margaret “Peggy” Buckland
  7. Daniel Buckland
  8. Walter “Watt” Buckland
  9. Susanna Buckland
  10. Mary Ann Buckland

Stephen and Melinda were parents of at least five children:

  1. Peter Buckland
  2. James Buckland
  3. Richard Buckland
  4. Francis Buckland
  5. Mary J. Buckland


156 Years Ago Today
February 28, 1852
George Peery, my 1st cousin, 2x removed, was one of seven children born to John Drew Peery and Mary Clay Gregory. See previous posts in January/February for siblings.
129 Years Ago Today
February 28, 1880
Arlington Hicks Neel was one of six 2nd cousins, 2x removed, born to Matthias Fox Neel and Hannah Letcher Daugherty.

  1. Arlington Hicks Neel
  2. Anna Lane Neel
  3. Ora Lee Neel
  4. Margaret Barnes Neel
  5. Clara B. Neel
  6. David Elgin Neel

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