On This Day in 1862

147 Years Ago Today
February 11, 1862
Nancy J. Dougherty married John F. Asbury in Tazewell County, VA. Nancy was one of nine, born to Irishman James Thompson Dougherty and Lydia Dills. The picture below may be what the town of Tazewell looked like during this time.

  1. E. Rebecca Dougherty
  2. Nancy J. Dougherty (1st cousins, 4x removed)
  3. Robert B. Dougherty
  4. Louisa Dougherty
  5. Amarinda Dougherty
  6. Lydia B. Dougherty
  7. Alexander W. Dougherty
  8. Leda A. Dougherty
  9. Martha Dougherty

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