On This Day in 1888

121 Years Ago Today
February 11, 1888 – October 2, 1957
Onan B. Smith was one of nine children born to Jasper Newton Smith and Martha Jane T. Sutherland.
  1. Jane “Jennie” Smith
  2. Dora Belle Smith
  3. Pheobe Russell Smith
  4. Rufus Smith
  5. Mary E. Smith
  6. Viola Smith
  7. Aut Smith
  8. Onan B. Smith (2nd cousins, 2x removed)
  9. James Farley Smith

A picture from Daniel Sutherland’s property in Russell County, VA.


72 Years Ago Today
February 11, 1937
Goldia Imogene Brooks was one of ten children born to Charles Douglas Brooks and Etry Genova Austin.

  1. William Brooks, Jr.
  2. Ralph Leland Brooks
  3. Eva Gray Brooks
  4. Ruby Lee Brooks
  5. Bernard Lonzo Brooks
  6. Helen Mae Brooks
  7. Goldia Imogene Brooks (2nd cousins, 1x removed)
  8. Anna Fayrean Brooks
  9. Bertha Evelend Brooks
  10. Ronald Mac Brooks

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