On This Day in 1864

145 Years Ago Today
February 17, 1864 Jane K. McDaniel married my cousin, Walter M. Dougherty. Walter was born in Pike, MO, one of 10 1st cousins, 4x removed, to parents Giles Dougherty and Mary Polly Doak.

  1. John M. Dougherty
  2. James W. Dougherty
  3. Walter M. Dougherty
  4. Reace Dougherty
  5. Mary Dougherty
  6. E.I. Dougherty
  7. Bolivar Dougherty
  8. Andrew Jackson Dougherty
  9. Isaac F. Dougherty
  10. Charles William Dougherty

Walter and Jane had 5 children:

  1. Giles H. Dougherty
  2. James J. Dougherty
  3. Minnie C. Dougherty
  4. Charles B. Dougherty
  5. Daisy D. Dougherty

Most of these Dougherty’s moved westward, even as far as Molalla, Clackamas County, Oregon.

88 Years Ago Today
February 17, 1921
In Falls Mills, Tazewell County, Virginia Fannie Geneva Givens married my 1st cousin, 2x removed, James J. Buckland. James was one of at least four children born to William Jasper Buckland and Emily Tabor.

  1. John A. Buckland
  2. Unknown Buckland
  3. James J. Buckland
  4. Maude B. Buckland
  5. Charles Edward Buckland, Sr.

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