On This Day in 1860

149 Years Ago Today
February 16, 1860
My 2nd cousin, 3x removed, Joseph Laforce married Mary Polly Kiser. James was one of 13 children born to James Laforce, Sr. and Dicie Kiser. See post of January 30th for siblings.
155 Years Ago Today
February 16, 1854
My 1st cousin, 3x removed, Mary Kiser (w/o Elihu Kiser) was one of ten children born to Abraham Kiser and Mary “Pop” Counts.

  1. Joseph Kiser
  2. Martha Kiser
  3. Elizabeth Kiser
  4. Joshua Kiser
  5. Abraham “Con” Kiser
  6. Leah Kiser
  7. Nancy Tennessee Kiser
  8. Gideon Daniel Kiser
  9. Rachel Kiser

147 Years Ago Today
February 16, 1862
Francis Marion Breeding married Alameda Compton. Francis Marion and at least some of his siblings, my 2nd cousins, 3x removed, were:

  1. Ailsie Breeding
  2. Polly Breeding
  3. Rachel Breeding
  4. Francis Marion Breeding
  5. Nancy Jane Breeding
  6. James Madison “Matt” Breeding

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