On This Day in 1854

155 Years Ago Today
February 28, 1854

Emeline (Sutherland) Kiser was my 1st cousin, 4x removed born to Samuel Sutherland and Nancy Jane Powers. Emeline married George Cowan Kiser about 1873.
134 Years Ago Today
February 28, 1875

Rauseline (Kiser) Musick was one of eleven 2nd cousins, 3x removed, born to Noah S. and Rachel Kiser. See posts in January for siblings. Rauseline married Leonard Musick.
126 Years Ago Today
February 28, 1883

My great grandaunt, Sarah Catharine Davis married H. H. Sutherland in Russell County, VA. Sarah was one of fifteen children born to Thomas Jefferson Davis and Sarah Ann Combs. See previous posts for her siblings.
125 Years Ago Today
February 28, 1884 – January 17, 1968

Raleigh Roy Sutherland was the oldest 2nd cousin, 2x removed, born to Elijah B. Sutherland and Winnie Kiser. See previous posts for siblings. Raleigh Roy married Armilda “Millie” Lemasters on January 31, 1883 and they had at least six children.

  1. Virginia Sutherland
  2. Raleigh Roy Sutherland, Jr.
  3. James Walker Sutherland
  4. Paul Sutherland
  5. Myrtle Sutherland
  6. Robert Sutherland

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