On This Day in 1898

111 Years Ago Today
April 14, 1898

Mary Lizzie Laforce, my very distant 6th cousin, 2x removed, married William A. Parsons. Mary Lizzie was one of twelve children born to John Letcher and Rebecca (Sutherland) Laforce.

  1. Alfarie Laforce
  2. Thomas Ulysses Laforce
  3. Simeon Laforce
  4. Elijah Laforce
  5. Mary Elizabeth “lizzie bell” Laforce
  6. William S. Laforce
  7. Arthur C. Laforce
  8. Bessie Laforce
  9. John Letcher Laforce, Jr.
  10. Ada Laforce
  11. Robert Laforce
  12. Manilla Laforce

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