On This Day in 1830

179 Years Ago Today
April 15, 1830 – October 10, 1913

My 2nd great grandfather, Jesse Sutherland was one of eight children born to Daniel and Phoebe (Fuller) Sutherland in Russell County, VA.

  1. James Sutherland
  2. Elizabeth “Betsy” Sutherland
  3. Susan Sutherland
  4. William Sutherland
  5. Elijah Sutherland
  6. Sarah Sutherland
  7. Jesse Sutherland ( have a picture of Jesse that you’d like to share ? sherrykelly@comcast.net)
  8. Nancy “Big Nancy” Sutherland

Jesse married Mahala Kiser on September 18, 1851, and they had eleven children. Pictures below show a house they lived in and also a picture of Mahala

  1. Matilda Sutherland
  2. Phoebe Sutherland
  3. Mary Polly “Pop” Sutherland (my great grandmother – m. Wm Brooks)
  4. Emily Jane Sutherland
  5. Sarah “Sallie” Sutherland
  6. Alabama Sutherland
  7. Thomas A. Sutherland
  8. Margaret P. Sutherland
  9. Joseph Sutherland
  10. Samuel Perry Sutherland
  11. Daniel Sutherland

Thank you Becky Chafin for all your countless hours of research and sharing that with us.

100 Years Ago Today
April 15, 1909 – July 27, 1975

William Vaughn Brooks, my 3rd cousin, 3x removed, was one of eight children born to William M. “Bill” and Orpha Narcissus (Jessee) Brooks.

  1. Lula Brooks
  2. Maude Brooks
  3. Hobert Ezekiel Brooks
  4. Effie Brooks
  5. Audra Brooks
  6. Clayton Brooks
  7. William Vaughn Brooks
  8. Lora Kathleen Brooks

William married Virginia Elizabeth Cook.
If anyone knows of their children, please let me know sherrykelly@comcast.net.

106 Years Ago Today
April 15, 1903 – February 26, 1955

Avery Brooks, my 1st cousin, 2x removed, was one of eleven children born to Benjamin and Haley Victoria (Thacker) Brooks.

  1. Clarence Brooks
  2. Rosie Brooks
  3. William G. Brooks
  4. Henry Gracen Brooks
  5. Lockie Brooks
  6. Joe Brooks
  7. Avery Brooks (buried in the Stevens Family Cemetery, Sandy Ridge, VA)
  8. Ira Ernest Brooks
  9. Elsie Brooks
  10. Violet Brooks
  11. Beulah Brooks

Avery married Emily Bell Stevens and they had seven children.

  1. Lois Brooks
  2. Janice Brooks
  3. Mary Annis Brooks
  4. Merel Brooks
  5. Waylon Brooks
  6. George Kermit Brooks
  7. Jefferson Delmon Brooks

If you have additional information or pictures, or if you find incorrect information, please let me know. Also,

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