On This Day in 1872

137 Years Ago
April 20, 1872

My great granduncle, (also my 5th cousin, 3x removed), Daniel Sutherland, was born in Russell County, VA. He was the youngest of eleven children to parents, Jesse and Mahala (Kiser) Sutherland.

  1. Matilda Sutherland
  2. Phoebe Sutherland
  3. Mary Polly “Pop” Sutherland (my great grandmother)
  4. Emily Jane Sutherland
  5. Sarah Sallie Sutherland
  6. Alabama Sutherland
  7. Thomas A. Sutherland
  8. Margaret P. Sutherland
  9. Joseph Sutherland
  10. Samuel Perry Sutherland
  11. Daniel Sutherland

185 Years Ago Today
April 20, 1824 -July 25, 1909

My 3rd cousin, 6x removed, Mary Elizabeth Taylor, was one of six children born to President Zachary Taylor and First Lady Margaret Mackall (Smith). The evidence hinges on the educated assumption of family genealogists (http://www.jessee.org/) regarding (Frances Lea – w/o John Jessee).

  1. Ann Margaret Mackall Taylor
  2. Sarah Knox Taylor (m. Jefferson Davis)
  3. Octavia Pannill Taylor
  4. Margaret Smith Taylor
  5. Mary Elizabeth Taylor
  6. Richard Taylor

Mary Elizabeth married Colonel William Wallace Smith Bliss on December 8, 1848. After his death in 1853, she married Philip Pendelton Dandridge, 2-11-1858.

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