On This Day in 1928

81 Years Ago Today
April 21, 1928

My aunt, Joella (Davis) married Noah Forrest Mace. The couple never had children. Aunt Jo was one of ten children born to Asa C. and Altha Rudolph (Brooks) Davis.

  1. Grace Erie Davis
  2. Lacy Clarence Davis
  3. Ila Lillian Davis
  4. Hollie William Davis
  5. Joella Davis
  6. Lettie Russell Davis
  7. Ellis Vaden Davis
  8. Leman Clifton “Sleepy” Davis
  9. Nannie Lucille Davis (my mother)
  10. Evelyn Elizabeth Davis

Aunt Jo with twins great grandnieces Beth and Melissa

104 Years Ago Today
April 21, 1905

My great aunt, Armalda Vernon “Malvie” (Brooks) married Dock Emmett Cook. Aunt Malvie was one of six children born to Wm M. “Bill” and Mary Polly “Pop” (Sutherland) Brooks. See post on Feb 14th for siblings. Aunt Malvie and Dock had four children.

  1. Ruth Cook
  2. Don Cook
  3. Maynard Chesley”Mink” Cook
  4. Paul Hensley “Jack” Cook

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