On This Day in 1862

147 Years Ago Today
July 6, 1862

Charles McClellan Purvine (Mary Daugherty, Giles Dougherty, John Dougherty, John Dougherty) was one of ten children born to Mary E. (Daugherty) and Andrew Jackson Purvine in Polk County, OR.

  1. Jordan J. Purvine
  2. Cyrus W. Purvine
  3. Louise Purvine
  4. Charles McClellan Purvine (my 2nd cousin, 3x removed)
  5. Ida Winifred Purvine
  6. George Albert Purvine
  7. Emily Linda Purvine
  8. Gertrude Clara Purvine
  9. Arthur Monroe Purvine
  10. John Frederick Purvine

    According to ONE WORLD TREE at Ancestry.com
    Charles died on March 30, 1946 in Salem, Marion County, OR. He married Frances Sowers Reid on November 6, 1895. Three children were Walker Reid, Margaret Mary, Byron Jordan. Charles lived his boyhood on the farm and then became interested in the river boats that plied their way up and down the Williamette River. Soon he was a river-boat engineer and spent many years as one of the most able and colorful men on the river. When his son Byron grew older, he too learned the ways of the Williamette River. (@S45@REFN: 36499 – Author Stuart H. Purvines, The Purviance Family, A Genealogy with Allied Families, Publication Stuart Hoyle Purvines, St. Louis Missouri, 1986.)

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