On This Day in 1876

133 Year Ago Today
July 7, 1876

My grand uncle, Charles Henry Davis, was one of twelve children born to Doctor Caleb and Nancy C. (Jessee) Davis in Russell County, VA. Charles is show below with his wife Kate Smith, his sister Mary and his mother “Nannie”.

  1. Samuel A. Davis
  2. Jefferson Bonaparte Davis
  3. Charles Henry “Keen Eye” Davis
  4. Mary A. Davis
  5. Sarah Ellen Davis
  6. Manerva Josephine “Josie” Davis
  7. Polly M. Davis
  8. David P. Davis
  9. Vance P. Davis
  10. Asa C. Davis (my grandfather)
  11. Ida E. Davis
  12. Nannie K. Davis

    Uncle Charles and Aunt Kate had four children that I know of (1) Louise (2) Charles (3) Maxine (4) Sallie

94 Years Ago Today
July 7, 1915 – July 18, 1920

Ruby Matilda Brooks was the youngest of seven children born to Joseph B. and Alverda “Verta” (Kiser) Brooks.

  1. Etta Cordelia Brooks
  2. Esther Lobelia Brooks
  3. Lottie Azen Brooks
  4. Bertha Elizabeth Brooks
  5. Thomas Starling Brooks
  6. Gay Nell Brooks
  7. Ruby Matilda Brooks (7th cousins, 1x removed)

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