Happy Birthday Keleigh

May you have a wonderful day of CELEBRATION!

and did I say CELEBRATE

125 Years Ago Today
July 7, 1884

Lewis F. Gregory (Franklin Clemons, John Keatts, William, John, Thomas III, Thomas, II, Thomas, Richard) was one of twelve children (my 1st cousins, 3x removed) born to Franklin Clemons and Alice Jane (Keesee) Gregory in Shawvers Mills, Tazewell County, VA. See posts in June for siblings. Lewis, or maybe spelled Louis, and Alice Jane had three children, (1) Helen (2) Ernest Lewis (3) Claude.

117 Years Ago Today
July 7, 1892

Joseph Frank Davidson (Robert Wallace, Samuel Patton, Robert W. Joseph, John Goolman) was one of nine children born to Robert Wallace and Julia Justina (Herbert)Davidson.
Note – Robert Wallace was a half brother the Erastus Granger Davidson, my great grandfather)

100 Years Ago Today
July 7, 1909

William Erastus Davidson (Thomas Sanders, Erastus Granger, Robert W., Joseph, John Goolman) married Bertie Lee (Ward). They had three children that are known (1) James Thomas (2)Erastus Granger (3)William Glenn. My 2nd cousin, 2x removed, was one of two known children born to Thomas Sanders and Cora Campbell (Kegley)Davidson.

The name Erastus Granger is used many times in the Davidson family. William’s son shown here is not the same Erastus Granger Davidson, my great grandfather. The repetition can be confusing.

66 Years Ago Today
July 7, 1943

Virginia Alice Harless (April 4, 1920 – October 3, 1989) married Erving William Bane. They died in Baltimore, MD. Virginia Alice was one of five children born to Isaac Errett and Callie Susie (Gregory) Harless in Bluefield, WV.

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