On this day…. Larkin & Larkin!

This is a very special day as I wish my nephew, William Larkin Buckland, a  very Happy Birthday. Will, I hope your day is full of joy and celebration!

BUCKLAND Buckeye Will 10-8-98 8-14 20in BUCKLAND William Larkin Buckland

BUCKLAND Wm Larkin Buckland BUCKLAND William Larkin Buckland 4 BUCKLAND William Larkin Buckland 1  2013-04-26 06.37.48

I remember my dad, too;  the Railroader for whom Will was named, Larkin Watson Buckland, Jr.

According to thinkbabynames.com, Larkin l(a)-rkin,  a boy’s name is of Irish and Gaelic origin, and the meaning of Larkin is “rough, fierce”. Larkin is not a popular first name for men but a very popular surname or last  name for all people (#1421 out of 88799). (1990 U.S. Census)


The Railroader loved his grandchildren so much and he would have delighted in having Will named after him. His grandchildren loved him too and were sad when he passed away in 1993.

One granddaughter wrote about her grandpa…

My hero is definitely my grandpa. I love him a lot! When I was little, my grandpa would take me out on a boat. I would blow a whistle and scare the fish away, but he didn’t mind. I’d spill the fish and let them go, but he just laughed.

I was very troublesome when I was little. Everyone would yell at me. I’d go to my room and talk to my toys. My grandpa would come in and tell me everything would be fine as long as I wore my smile.

In the summer, we went to visit him in the hospital. He gave me an apple and told me it would keep the hospital away. I laughed.

On November 6th I went to Mac & Bob’s with my dad. A few hours later, my dad called. My hero had died. I wasn’t laughing anymore, I was crying.

Now when I think of him, I think, “My hero”.

Christa Buckland (age 10)

BUCKLAND Christa at Joella BUCKLAND Christa 4th grade

BUCKLAND Christa -


BUCKLAND LW JR Funeral 1993

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