Saluting the Heros in Our Family & Yours!

Thank you to all those who have served for our freedom. We honor you.

David Buckland Military

David Forrest Buckland

Brian Buckland

Brian Keith Buckland

Ellis Haynes Buckland

Ellis Haynes Buckland


Larry Charles Buckland

Billy Mundy

Billy Foster Mundy


Charles Nye Buckland (top right)

Copy of Walter Edward Buckland

Walter Edward Buckland

Richard McHaffa

Nathaniel Richard McHaffa


Leaman Davis

Leman Clifton Davis

If you are family and I don’t have you listed, please inbox me on . I’ll be honored to post your name and a photo if you have one.

One thought on “Saluting the Heros in Our Family & Yours!

  1. Just saw this today. Next year I think I will do something like this for my family. So many people have stood on that wall to keep us safe. It makes me very humble to just think about it.

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