Diggin’ a little deeper (literally)

Over the river and through the horse poop….
Yep! that’s right. Buck, Larry and I were diligent in our efforts
to find another old cemetery at Falls Mills, VA.
Just past Louie Hall’s store (not there anymore) and just past a stone house Merv Anderson once owned, turn left and go up a hill. A rut driveway off to the right leads to Jerry Taylor’s property and horse pasture. A very nice neighbor gave us the grand tour through the pasture, behind the stalls and up the hill to an all but abandoned and definitely neglected cemetery. I don’t know the name of this sacred place, but the horses have trampled through the cemetery, turning over monuments and destroying anything in their paths.
Is there anyway we could all get together and buy a few fence posts and some fencing?
Would that keep the horses out?
Would anyone volunteer to install the fence posts?
Would Mr. Jerry Taylor be willing to let us do that?
Please comment with any suggestions you may have.
I’m sure Mr. Taylor does not mean any harm, however,
it seems such a shame to disrespect these remains in this way.
When they are gone, and everyone who knew them is gone…
it’s as though they never existed.

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