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On This Day in 1854

155 Years Ago Today
July 11, 1854 – October 23, 1937

Matilda Sutherland, my great grandaunt, was one of eleven children born to Jessee Sutherland and Mahala Kiser (posted July 10th). See previous posts in May and June for siblings. Matilda married Fullen Kiser, son of Jim and Susan Sutherland (posted July 10th) on December 2, 1873. I believe they were double first cousins. They had three children that I know:

  1. Alverda “Vertie” Kiser
  2. Thomas Kiser
  3. Bessie Kiser

109 Years Ago Today
July 11, 1900

Rufus Smith married Nora Alty Breeding. Rufus, my 6th cousin, 2x removed, was one of nine children born to Jasper Newton Smith and Martha Jane Taylor Sutherland.

  1. Jane “Jennie” Smith
  2. Dora Belle Smith
  3. Pherbe Russell Smith
  4. Rufus Smith
  5. Mary E. Smith
  6. Viola Smith
  7. Aut Smith
  8. Onan B. Smith
  9. James Farley Smith

Happy Birthday

July is the month for CELEBRATION! so ENJOY……..ENJOY……..ENJOY!
143 Years Ago Today
July 11, 1866 – August 10, 1876

George C. Gregory was one of seven children born to Richard Shadrack and Julia Ann (Higgenbothan) Gregory. Georgy is buried at the Richard Shadrack Gregory Family Cemetery in Clearfork, Tazewell County, VA.

  1. Mary Gregory
  2. George C. Gregory (1st cousin, 3x removed)
  3. John Barnes Gregory
  4. Nannie Bell Gregory
  5. Sally S. Gregory
  6. Joseph R. Gregory
  7. Jennie Gregory

On This Day in 1754

255 Years Ago Today
July 10, 1754

My 4th great grandmother, Susannah “Sukie” (Stacey) was one of eight children born to John Stacy, Jr. and Elizabeth (Ashby).

  1. Anne Stacy
  2. John Stacy
  3. Catherine Stacy
  4. Sarah Stacy
  5. Sylvia Stacy
  6. Margaret “Peggy” Stacy
  7. Susannah Stacy
  8. Shadrach Stacy

Sukie married Joseph Kenton Keyser, Sr. about 1781 and they had nine children.

  1. Joseph Kiser, Jr.
  2. John Kiser
  3. Nimrod Kiser, Sr.
  4. Ephriam Kiser
  5. Susanna Kiser
  6. Mary Kiser
  7. Charles Kiser
  8. Elizabeth Kiser
  9. Abednego Kiser

197 Years Ago Today
July 10,1812 – November 26, 1903

My 2nd great granduncle, James S. Kiser was one of twelve children born to Joseph Kiser, Jr.(above) and Mary Polly Childers.

  1. Warren Kiser
  2. Margaret Elizabeth
  3. James S. “Bell Clapper Jim” Kiser
  4. Dicie Kiser
  5. Ephriam Mayfield Kiser
  6. Mary Polly Kiser
  7. Simeon Kiser
  8. Joseph Kiser, III
  9. Noah S. Kiser
  10. Abraham Kiser
  11. Mahala Kiser (my 2nd great grandmother)
  12. Matilda Kiser

Jim married Susan Sutherland (d/o Daniel Sutherland and Phoebe Fuller)and were parents to twelve children.

  1. Dicy Kiser
  2. Andrew Jackson Kiser
  3. Francis Kiser
  4. Elizabeth Kiser
  5. Sereldia Jane Kiser
  6. Margaret Kiser
  7. Mary Kiser
  8. Fullen Kiser
  9. Jessee Sutherland Kiser
  10. Phoebe Kiser
  11. Allen Kiser
  12. Winifred “Winnie” Kiser

142 Years Ago Today
July 10, 1867

My 6th cousin, 2x removed, Hettie Selfe, was one of eleven children born to Wilson Vermillion Selfe and Elizabeth Kiser (above-d/o Bell Clapper Jim and Susie Kiser). Hettie married Charles Gibson.


Brianna – Happy 11th

And a cake that you and Meme baked? mmmmmmm looks good!

Let’s just declare this an entire month of celebration! I can’t believe all the birthdays and anniversaries. You guys know your day, enjoy it to the fullest and don’t forget to send some pictures of your special day!

Happy 4th Anniversary
Michael & Katie

On This Day in 1922

87 Years Ago Today
July 8, 1922

Grace Erie (Davis) married William G. “Bill” Carbaugh. My aunt Grace was one of ten children born to Asa C. and Altha Rudolph (Brooks) Davis. She was born in Cleveland, Russell County, VA. A recently released book CLEVELAND ON THE CLINCH is available from author Kathy Shearer at

Clinch Mountain Press
P.O. Box 117
Emory, Virginia 24327


Have a wonderful 4th birthday Big Boy!

This is what the Lord says – he who made you, who formed you in the womb. (Isaiah 44:2)

For you created my inmost being; you knit me together in my mother’s womb. I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made; your works are wonderful, I know that full well. My frame was not hidden from you when I was made in the secret place. When I was woven together in the depths of the earth, your eyes saw my unformed body. (Psalm 139:13-16)

Your hands made me and formed me. (Psalm 119:3)

Before I formed you in the womb I knew you, before you were born I set you apart. (Jeremiah 1:5)

139 Years Ago Today
July 8,1870 – August 20, 1957

Louise (Stowers) Gregory was born. She married my 1st cousin, 3x removed, John Barnes Gregory, a twin – one of seven children, born to Richard Shadrack and Julia Ann (Higgenbothan)Gregory. Louise and John Barnes were parents of six children:

  1. Aubrey Barnes Gregory
  2. John Gregory
  3. Truby Roscoe Gregory
  4. Woodrow Gregory
  5. Frances Gregory
  6. Otha C. Gregory

104 Years Ago Today
July 8, 1905 – March 1981

Forrest Gregory Shufflebarger, was one of six children born to Thomas L. and Perlina Belle (Gregory)Shufflebarger.

  1. Curtis L. Shufflebarger
  2. Gladys B. Shufflebarger
  3. Clyde W. Shufflebarger
  4. Edith M. Shufflebarger
  5. Forrest Gregory Shufflebarger (my 2nd cousins, 2x removed)
  6. Thomas Garnett Shufflebarger

Happy Birthday Keleigh

May you have a wonderful day of CELEBRATION!

and did I say CELEBRATE

125 Years Ago Today
July 7, 1884

Lewis F. Gregory (Franklin Clemons, John Keatts, William, John, Thomas III, Thomas, II, Thomas, Richard) was one of twelve children (my 1st cousins, 3x removed) born to Franklin Clemons and Alice Jane (Keesee) Gregory in Shawvers Mills, Tazewell County, VA. See posts in June for siblings. Lewis, or maybe spelled Louis, and Alice Jane had three children, (1) Helen (2) Ernest Lewis (3) Claude.

117 Years Ago Today
July 7, 1892

Joseph Frank Davidson (Robert Wallace, Samuel Patton, Robert W. Joseph, John Goolman) was one of nine children born to Robert Wallace and Julia Justina (Herbert)Davidson.
Note – Robert Wallace was a half brother the Erastus Granger Davidson, my great grandfather)

100 Years Ago Today
July 7, 1909

William Erastus Davidson (Thomas Sanders, Erastus Granger, Robert W., Joseph, John Goolman) married Bertie Lee (Ward). They had three children that are known (1) James Thomas (2)Erastus Granger (3)William Glenn. My 2nd cousin, 2x removed, was one of two known children born to Thomas Sanders and Cora Campbell (Kegley)Davidson.

The name Erastus Granger is used many times in the Davidson family. William’s son shown here is not the same Erastus Granger Davidson, my great grandfather. The repetition can be confusing.

66 Years Ago Today
July 7, 1943

Virginia Alice Harless (April 4, 1920 – October 3, 1989) married Erving William Bane. They died in Baltimore, MD. Virginia Alice was one of five children born to Isaac Errett and Callie Susie (Gregory) Harless in Bluefield, WV.

On This Day in 1876

133 Year Ago Today
July 7, 1876

My grand uncle, Charles Henry Davis, was one of twelve children born to Doctor Caleb and Nancy C. (Jessee) Davis in Russell County, VA. Charles is show below with his wife Kate Smith, his sister Mary and his mother “Nannie”.

  1. Samuel A. Davis
  2. Jefferson Bonaparte Davis
  3. Charles Henry “Keen Eye” Davis
  4. Mary A. Davis
  5. Sarah Ellen Davis
  6. Manerva Josephine “Josie” Davis
  7. Polly M. Davis
  8. David P. Davis
  9. Vance P. Davis
  10. Asa C. Davis (my grandfather)
  11. Ida E. Davis
  12. Nannie K. Davis

    Uncle Charles and Aunt Kate had four children that I know of (1) Louise (2) Charles (3) Maxine (4) Sallie

94 Years Ago Today
July 7, 1915 – July 18, 1920

Ruby Matilda Brooks was the youngest of seven children born to Joseph B. and Alverda “Verta” (Kiser) Brooks.

  1. Etta Cordelia Brooks
  2. Esther Lobelia Brooks
  3. Lottie Azen Brooks
  4. Bertha Elizabeth Brooks
  5. Thomas Starling Brooks
  6. Gay Nell Brooks
  7. Ruby Matilda Brooks (7th cousins, 1x removed)

On This Day in 1862

147 Years Ago Today
July 6, 1862

Charles McClellan Purvine (Mary Daugherty, Giles Dougherty, John Dougherty, John Dougherty) was one of ten children born to Mary E. (Daugherty) and Andrew Jackson Purvine in Polk County, OR.

  1. Jordan J. Purvine
  2. Cyrus W. Purvine
  3. Louise Purvine
  4. Charles McClellan Purvine (my 2nd cousin, 3x removed)
  5. Ida Winifred Purvine
  6. George Albert Purvine
  7. Emily Linda Purvine
  8. Gertrude Clara Purvine
  9. Arthur Monroe Purvine
  10. John Frederick Purvine

    According to ONE WORLD TREE at
    Charles died on March 30, 1946 in Salem, Marion County, OR. He married Frances Sowers Reid on November 6, 1895. Three children were Walker Reid, Margaret Mary, Byron Jordan. Charles lived his boyhood on the farm and then became interested in the river boats that plied their way up and down the Williamette River. Soon he was a river-boat engineer and spent many years as one of the most able and colorful men on the river. When his son Byron grew older, he too learned the ways of the Williamette River. (@S45@REFN: 36499 – Author Stuart H. Purvines, The Purviance Family, A Genealogy with Allied Families, Publication Stuart Hoyle Purvines, St. Louis Missouri, 1986.)

On This Day in 1930

79 Years Ago Today
July 5, 1930

Statira Irene Yost married Fred L. Hughes. She was one of five children born to Frank Herford and Mary Claughton (Gregory) Yost.

  1. Edward Clemons Yost
  2. Lena Virginia Yost
  3. William Paris Yost
  4. Lettie Frances Yost
  5. Statira Irene Yost (my 2nd cousin, 2x removed)

Statira is buried at the Monte Vista Cemetery in Bluefield, WV
May 11, 1905 – March 4, 1989