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On This Day in 1812

197 Years Ago Today
July 14, 1812

My 3rd great grandaunt, Martha Gregory married William Pickeral in Pittsylvania County, VA. She was one of nine children born to William and Martha (Tucker) Gregory.

  1. John Keatts Gregory (my 3rd great grandfather)
  2. Maryan Polly Gregory
  3. William Gregory, Jr.
  4. Lowry Gregory
  5. Elizabeth Gregory
  6. Richard Dennis Gregory
  7. Nancy Gregory
  8. Martha “Patsy” Gregory
  9. Robert T. Gregory

184 Years Ago Today
July 14, 1825 – October 22, 1885

My 2nd great grandaunt, Permelia Clement Gregory was one of fifteen children born to John Keatts Gregory (above) and Elizabeth Holland Corder. See previous posts for sibilings.

On This Day in 1892

117 Years Ago Today
July 14, 1892

My great grandaunt, Lucy B. Davis, married James M. Castle (Cassell?), son of Scott Castle in Russell County, VA. I do not know of their children. Lucy was one of fifteen children born to Thomas Jefferson and Sarah Ann (Combs) Davis.

  1. Jessee Davis
  2. John Davis
  3. Doctor Caleb Davis (my great grandfather)
  4. Charles Henry Davis
  5. Elizabeth Ann Davis
  6. Hannah J. Davis
  7. Sarah Catharine Davis
  8. Martha E. Davis
  9. Thomas Jefferson Davis, Jr.
  10. James A. Davis
  11. Lucy B. Davis
  12. Hugh C. Davis
  13. Margart Davis
  14. Lydia Davis
  15. Virginia Jane “Jennie” Davis

Hope Your Day is Overflowing with Blessings!

Happy Birthday Brian Alexander!

Meet the parents, sister Carson & brother Will.

Thank you Lord – What a gift!

180 Years Ago Today
July 12, 1829 – 1880

My 2nd great granduncle, George C. Daugherty, was one of four children born to John L. and Nancy (Ward)Daugherty. He is the grandson of Virginia pioneer David Ward.

  1. Mary Jane Daugherty (my 2nd great grandmother)
  2. Isaac W. Daugherty
  3. George C. Daugherty
  4. David Allen Daugherty

George married Mary J. Gillespie on December 25, 1856 in Tazewell County, VA and they had one child that I know of, John L. Daugherty who married Flora Wheeler. George died in Dade County, MO.

83 Years Ago Today
July 12, 1926

Fay Gregory Yost, my 3rd cousin, 1x removed, was one of three known children born to William Paris Yost and Jenetta Fay Steele Gregory. (1) Fay Gregory (2) Mary Frances (3) William Paris, Jr. Wm Paris, Sr. and Jenetta were first cousins. Fay married Ermil Osburne on December 27, 1947 in Greenville, SC.

On This Day in 1854

155 Years Ago Today
July 11, 1854 – October 23, 1937

Matilda Sutherland, my great grandaunt, was one of eleven children born to Jessee Sutherland and Mahala Kiser (posted July 10th). See previous posts in May and June for siblings. Matilda married Fullen Kiser, son of Jim and Susan Sutherland (posted July 10th) on December 2, 1873. I believe they were double first cousins. They had three children that I know:

  1. Alverda “Vertie” Kiser
  2. Thomas Kiser
  3. Bessie Kiser

109 Years Ago Today
July 11, 1900

Rufus Smith married Nora Alty Breeding. Rufus, my 6th cousin, 2x removed, was one of nine children born to Jasper Newton Smith and Martha Jane Taylor Sutherland.

  1. Jane “Jennie” Smith
  2. Dora Belle Smith
  3. Pherbe Russell Smith
  4. Rufus Smith
  5. Mary E. Smith
  6. Viola Smith
  7. Aut Smith
  8. Onan B. Smith
  9. James Farley Smith

Happy Birthday

July is the month for CELEBRATION! so ENJOY……..ENJOY……..ENJOY!
143 Years Ago Today
July 11, 1866 – August 10, 1876

George C. Gregory was one of seven children born to Richard Shadrack and Julia Ann (Higgenbothan) Gregory. Georgy is buried at the Richard Shadrack Gregory Family Cemetery in Clearfork, Tazewell County, VA.

  1. Mary Gregory
  2. George C. Gregory (1st cousin, 3x removed)
  3. John Barnes Gregory
  4. Nannie Bell Gregory
  5. Sally S. Gregory
  6. Joseph R. Gregory
  7. Jennie Gregory

On This Day in 1754

255 Years Ago Today
July 10, 1754

My 4th great grandmother, Susannah “Sukie” (Stacey) was one of eight children born to John Stacy, Jr. and Elizabeth (Ashby).

  1. Anne Stacy
  2. John Stacy
  3. Catherine Stacy
  4. Sarah Stacy
  5. Sylvia Stacy
  6. Margaret “Peggy” Stacy
  7. Susannah Stacy
  8. Shadrach Stacy

Sukie married Joseph Kenton Keyser, Sr. about 1781 and they had nine children.

  1. Joseph Kiser, Jr.
  2. John Kiser
  3. Nimrod Kiser, Sr.
  4. Ephriam Kiser
  5. Susanna Kiser
  6. Mary Kiser
  7. Charles Kiser
  8. Elizabeth Kiser
  9. Abednego Kiser

197 Years Ago Today
July 10,1812 – November 26, 1903

My 2nd great granduncle, James S. Kiser was one of twelve children born to Joseph Kiser, Jr.(above) and Mary Polly Childers.

  1. Warren Kiser
  2. Margaret Elizabeth
  3. James S. “Bell Clapper Jim” Kiser
  4. Dicie Kiser
  5. Ephriam Mayfield Kiser
  6. Mary Polly Kiser
  7. Simeon Kiser
  8. Joseph Kiser, III
  9. Noah S. Kiser
  10. Abraham Kiser
  11. Mahala Kiser (my 2nd great grandmother)
  12. Matilda Kiser

Jim married Susan Sutherland (d/o Daniel Sutherland and Phoebe Fuller)and were parents to twelve children.

  1. Dicy Kiser
  2. Andrew Jackson Kiser
  3. Francis Kiser
  4. Elizabeth Kiser
  5. Sereldia Jane Kiser
  6. Margaret Kiser
  7. Mary Kiser
  8. Fullen Kiser
  9. Jessee Sutherland Kiser
  10. Phoebe Kiser
  11. Allen Kiser
  12. Winifred “Winnie” Kiser

142 Years Ago Today
July 10, 1867

My 6th cousin, 2x removed, Hettie Selfe, was one of eleven children born to Wilson Vermillion Selfe and Elizabeth Kiser (above-d/o Bell Clapper Jim and Susie Kiser). Hettie married Charles Gibson.


Brianna – Happy 11th

And a cake that you and Meme baked? mmmmmmm looks good!

Let’s just declare this an entire month of celebration! I can’t believe all the birthdays and anniversaries. You guys know your day, enjoy it to the fullest and don’t forget to send some pictures of your special day!

Happy 4th Anniversary
Michael & Katie